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June 22, 2019


Must watch: GE's smart light bulb reset process is a masterpiece... of modern techno-insanity

(Thanks to Barbara A)


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Turn on for 8 seconds
Turn off for 2 seconds

(rinse, repeat)

One good smack with a hammer will work too (of course first you have to catch the engineer).

In case anyone wants one of these, the smart light kits are available on Amazon and at Walmart for the low, low price of $55.00. I think I'll pass.

This is great writing.

"Douglas Adams could not have invented a finer example of corporate torture. It has been dragged up from the very bowels of hell."

This also describes a company meeting.

"Igor,clean this mess up and we're going to need some more candles. Then I have a little mission for you."

Version 2.9 Firmware update instructions.

Open a window in the front of your house. Toss bulb out of window onto front lawn.

Long ago, the Kraft company had commercials demonstrating making recipes using their products. They were closeups of a pair of hands and all the bowls, ingredients, etc. A great parody came out with hilarious instructions. About halfway through: " ... then pit the olives, then pit the cherries. Now place the olive pits into the cherries ..." At this point the hands started shaking ...

When we see a video like the GE one, my wife & I say in unison, "Put the olive pits into the cherries".

"I was told there would be no math".

Yet another reason why I, as a professional computer programmer, have no internet of things smart device thingys in my home.

Anybody feeling the need to control a freaking light bulb through a smartphone absolutely deserves this.

I have been working now consecutively for two Japanese optical companies, as field service. Their devices are "over-engineered". They made task that should be simple, like opening and changing a LED so complex. They put really a lot of effort to make simple things complicated.

Qaz, that makes one wonder why, other than snob appeal.
This blog has shown that the saying 'you get what you pay for' is peddled to and exploits the ignorant wealthy, those who love to be seen and admired. Buy a bundle of birch sticks through a catalog. Spend $$$ for window-pane fashion 'jeans'. Twist something simple into something stupidly complex, so you can feel smart about spending money on bleeding edge technology.

#Steve K.: that's a great story. Thanks for sharing.

The first 1:10 of THIS

(watch the rest at your discretion, although I don't think the engineers at GE wrote it)

Too bad they couldn’t be as clear as this

Better link

Just remember, these are the same people who make the engines for the airliners we fly in. No wonder Sully couldn't restart them. He'd have crashed before finishing the routine.

Zaphod -

Very funny stuff. Reminds me of David Foster Wallace's unfinished, posthumously published novel "The Pale King". As I recall, the fictional narrator "David Wallace" is heading for a literature class with a hangover or something, and because the buildings are symmetric he wanders into an advanced accounting class instead. He is as perplexed by the somber, seriously note taking students as by the professor, a high level sub who seems to be talking from high on the mountain. This serendipitous event leads to our protagonist working for the IRS. Hilarity ensues.

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