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June 09, 2019


Pennsylvania man says rise in tornadoes caused by traffic circles

(Thanks to Ralph)


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My guess is, he is trying to divert attention from the sidebar story: Third alligator found in Pittsburgh.

Anyone who has studied the Chaos Theory knows this guy is totally wrong. Tornadoes are caused by confused butterflies going in circles trying to get out of a big canyon somewhere in Brazil.

By his logic, Carmel IN should be swarming with tornadoes.

Tornado Information for Carmel, Indiana
Carmel, IN is a Very High Risk area for tornados. According to records, the largest tornado in the Carmel area was an F4 in 1998 that caused 4 injuries and 0 deaths. *Tornado risk is calculated from the destruction path that has occured within 30 miles of the location.

Annual tornado averages per state:
PA: 16 (home to the story)
IN: 24.6
NE: 54.6
KS: 92.4
OK: 65.4
TX: 146.7

I did not say that Carmel, IN never had any serious tornadoes. Just that they had the most traffic circles and the logic of PA man did not hold true for Carmel.

We wanted the one in Aurora, IL to be replaced. Not because of tornadoes, but because they don’t provide enough cover

Here in Texas, they spin up as a result of a whole town having big Mexican dinners (with lots of beer) at the same time.

Of course he's right!

Didn't you see all those traffic circles in the Wizard of Oz that caused the tornado??

Reminds me of someone else who always had it all figured out.

Would the tornadoes stop if the travel direction in half of the traffic circles was reversed?

I was in Carmel, Indiana last weekend with my son, for a baseball tournament. I didn't encounter any tornadoes, but I did get very dizzy driving in those roundabouts.
And it's the only place I know where there are several places that the GPS says, "Make a U-turn", and there's a designated U-Turn Lane...?!?

Ah, my local area making me proud again. When I first saw this live I had to rewind and watch a few more times because it was hilarious.

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