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June 27, 2019


Parents Name Son “Google” Hoping It Will Give Him a Leg Up in Life

(Thanks to Ralph)


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So when someone asks him a question, he can say 'Search me'


If they wanted to give him 'a leg up' they should have named him Long John Silver.

Perhaps Google will marry a girl named Amazon and
exploit spawn all kinds of data fun.

His first search will be "emancipation of minors."

Do we know that "Google" isn't Javanese for "Supreme Ruler of the World"?

The parents who named their kids Myspace years ago might have advised otherwise.

The parents can take their privacy and DuckDuckGo

Rudolph- On Google spelling is everything. If someone types "extermination of minors." instead of "emancipation of minors," the results can be drastically different.

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