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June 26, 2019


Pennsylvania man claims he planted bomb to warn police about aliens coming to destroy the world

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I suppose that’s one way to do that.

And yes, you are free to go and Paul Revere the world.

Hey, he had to do SOMETHING to warn us, didn't he?

The local Roswell space aliens disavow any knowledge of David Oxenreider. They did advise him memorizing "Klaatu barrada nikto," but after seeing his mugshot they shook their heads and went to breakfast.

He's a little late. Aliens destroyed the earth in 1985. Ironically, because of our small talent for war.

David Oxenreider ==>
Nix dead override
Rev. Dandier Oxide
Divine Axed Order
Rare divine odd Ex

The aliens had better hurry. We're doing just fine destroying the world ourselves without their help.

Did the earth stand still at his arraignment?

@Jeff - Paul Revere and the Oxen Riders? There was a rock band like that.

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