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June 21, 2019


World's first roller coaster at sea

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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I just don't get it with all these gimmicks on cruise ships -- zip lines, surf simulators, a crane that dangles you over the edge (oooohh!!), and now roller coasters. If I want Disneyworld, I'll go to Disneyworld. There is so much now on cruise ships that you have to schedule and make reservations for everything in advance. I go on cruises to get away from all of that. I am perfectly happy with one theater performance each day and one dining room, and the only choice I have to make is take it or leave it. That's the reason I will never get on one of these new gargantuan cruise ships. I always go on the Grandeur of the Seas out of Baltimore (because it's within reasonable driving distance from Detroit and I don't have to fly); the day that ship gets retired, I may just be done with cruising altogether.

Now get off my lawn!

No matter what 'attractions' they add, to me a cruse ship is just a floating petri dish.

As a professional nurse I would advise to NOT eat at the Big Chicken restaurant immediately prior to getting on the roller coaster. Otherwise we're gonna need a lot more Dramamine.

Big Chicken is probably a more apt description of the passengers when they see this thing than the restaurant.

I wonder if the cars will float when they come loose from the track and hit the water.

The closest thing to a cruise ship I've been on was a converted sealing vessel out of Longyearben, Sspitsbergen that dropped our tour group off in different spectacular fjords in Svalbard for a few days in each to camp, hike, and keep watch for Polar Bears. It had a combination lounge and dining room (great food), but no other amenities. While dodging ice floes in a stiff arctic blow at 80° N. Latitude, I was leafing through my useless Berlitz Norwegian phrase book (the crew all spoke English) and found the appropriate section for the cruise, which included "I want to rent a deck chair."

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