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June 25, 2019


Man Takes Hit To The Family Jewels During Gender Reveal

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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It was blue, but maybe it's a girl now.

"Son, when you grow up and have children, here's a way not to announce them. And stop asking why you're an only child."

What color would a "non-binary metrosexual" be ?

I can think of few things more annoying than so-called 'gender reveal' parties.

And keep off my damn lawn.

Jeff, I agree. Stop it already! And while you're getting off Jeff's lawn turn down that d@mn awful music.

If that dude had used just a little more gunpowder to fire off that crotch cannon, he could have qualified for at least an Honorary Darwin Award.

If the girl friend dir it to him, would it be a miss-fire?

Jeff & NC, Another vote for STOP IT ALREADY!
I think I prefer the less PC days when when the dad to be gave out cigars and the mom to be announced the gender at the next home party (TUPPERWARE, AVON, SARAH COVENTRY ETC).

I like the mom-to-be's total lack of concern for the guy's well-being. She sees him writhing in pain, and her response is, "It's blue! It's a boy!"
Does not bode well for the future of their relationship.

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