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June 05, 2019


A Florida Man is facing a domestic battery rap after allegedly covering his sleeping girlfriend in ketchup, court records show.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley, James Tokarz, Barry Nester, pharmaross, Mark Schlesinger, Le Petomane and Ranald Adams)


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Didn't Condiment Attack open for Metallica on Rikers Island?

As long as it wasn't refrigerated first, what's the problem?

it is good to ketch up on the news.

Wasn't Attack of the Ketchup People an old Ed Wood's movie?

Her name was French Fry.

Ketchup or catsup ?

Future condiments for the girlfriend will not include his pickle.

As long as this took place in the privacy of their condimentium, what’s the problem?

He does care for her. He asked if she wante fries with that.

Of course, he was hoping to super size it.

It's safe to say she didn't relish the experience.

Better to be assaulted by ketchup than attacked by a killer tomato.

This guy is going to learn the hard way to keep his Heinz to himself.

Geezer bus pass to the first person who can correctly identify "I know I'm gonna miss her, a tomato ate my sister."

Hand over the pass, TB. https://www.justsomelyrics.com/1429154/theme-attack-of-the-killer-tomatoes-lyrics.html

Uh, make that "PB".

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