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June 13, 2019


Florida couple uses huge pet alligator to reveal gender of 10th child

(Thanks to Rod Nunley and Al Barkafski)


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It's so cute and cuddly, I can't see why he used a long pole.

BTW, according to some of my students who had grandparents who indulged, human tastes like pork.

Just think, in 9 months it'll be Bubba Jr on the end of that stick, getting to know his new pet up close. Excuse me, Bubbette.

And so another Florida woman is born ..

I have to pine for the Good Old Days when a "gender reveal" was when the doctor walked into the waiting room and said: "Congratulations, you have a son/daughter."

*parks the Geezer Bus at Le Petomane's house, making sure it is well-stocked with grape Ne-Hi*

That alligator seemed to stop moving after being covered by the pink dust. I think he's dead.

This is wrong on so many levels... no, wait. Floridaaaaaa!!!

I have to agree with Le Pet here. Enough with the cutesy gender reveals!

Take a powder.

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@LePet @Jeff - straying ever so slightly, weddings have grown to insane proportions. I was talking with a friend who said she has a strict budget of $45K for her daughter's wedding.

Mr. MOTW and I spent three figures and we've been married for over 30 years. No one else was paying for the wedding but us and we had a pretty nice service, if I do say so.

Ditto, MOTW. We got married in the rabbi's study and then went into Manhattan for a nice wedding dinner.

Another ditto here, MOTW. Mrs. wanderer and I got married at home by the city mayor (she had been sworn in only two days earlier, and we really didn't have a Plan B in the unlikely event she had not been elected). It was mostly just family and we brought in a Chinese food buffet for dinner. We still talk about it and wouldn't have changed a thing.

One more ditto here. Mrs Le Petomane and I have been married for 40 years. Our wedding was a small, simple affair held in a gazebo in a park in Georgetown, Colorado. We spent maybe $500 total. The next morning we were on a red-eye to Houston where I was starting a new job.
A few short years ago a family we know spent a hundred grand on their daughter's wedding. It ended in divorce less than a year later.
Kinky Friedman, one of the smartest men I know, said the biggest threat to our planet is people simply don't love each other enough.

Their child is a reptile...?!

They have a talking alligator? Wow!

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