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June 28, 2019


Weird radio signal came from distant galaxy

(Thanks to Steve K)


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I wouldn't rejoice too soon. It might be the digital version of "To Serve Man."

It might be friendly... it's too early for them to be watching our broadcasts of The Munsters.

"Send more Chuck Berry!"

Marianne Williamson has announced the contents of the message: "Attack New Zealand!"

Sco77, the broadcast might be of THEIR Chuck Berry.

Further proof, Paul is dead.

There are those who claim we are due payback for sending all of those "My Pillow" commercials out into the galaxy.

"Something is causing Americans to chant 'Air Ball' in F. But what? I believe that the most logical explanation -- you probably thought of this -- is: extraterrestrials." (Dave Barry, 1995)

Looks like Dave was right.


Cue the Beastie Boys!

(got 'Planetary Intergalactic' stuck in my head after reading that headline.)

I wish you hadn't said that, vaporsmith. Now I've got "Interplanet Janet" stuck in my head.

*shuffles off to Geezer Bus*

If it was playing rap, this is conclusive proof there is no intelligent life in the universe.

Message decoded "Get off our lawn"

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