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June 20, 2019


The flying saddle: Would you give it a try?

(Thanks to Dave Roe)


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Hell to the no

But people will gladly pay $100+ for admission to an amusement park to ride these. Just sayin'.

F#ck no.

This looks like a new definition of the teram 'Saddle Soar'

A friend claims to have a painting of a Medieval coach,
(circa 1380) that shows what appears to be these same identical seats.
It's interesting the coach in his painting was used to transport prisoners.

Why don’t they just have you stand strapped to a board for 9 hours on your international flight?

I'll tell you what, the day you install them on Air Force One is the day I'll consider using one.

(I still won't do it, but I'll consider it.)

If you're willing to pay extra they'll strap you to the wing. (O2 bottle extra)

Ruthenium, don't give them any ideas. No way would I sit in one of these. In fact I'm beginning to think that train travel is the way to go although that could be difficult if you're going overseas.

He rode a flying saddle,
He wore a wedgied suit
His job to ride like cattle,
The seat up his patoot.
He saved some dough and he braved some woe
He turned more strained with the miles
He made his flying saddle
A torch to liiiiiiiiight his piiiiiiiiiles.

FAA regulations say planes have to be able to be evacuated in 90 seconds in an emergency. It's doubtful they can do that now. How will it work with passengers packed in like sardines?

Honestly, that kind of "seating" should be required for people who abuse the carry on bag size limits.

The Flying Saddle? Isn't that from the Kama Sutra?

Peg-ass-us Air. Ride the cheapest.

Double Bravo to AmoebaStampede! Well done.

AmoebaStampede !

Why, thank you, Cindy and Bee! Paddleballs all around.

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