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June 08, 2019


'This guy was coming home late and didn't want his mom to see him come in on her doorbell security camera. Hilariously, he tried to army crawl to the door and didn't realize he was still in full view of the camera.'

(Thanks to Ralph)


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This guy needs to watch more good television. Monty Python did a great instructional video on the Importance of Not Being Seen.

He would make a great soldier! On the other hand, all branches of the service do expect some intelligence in their recruits. I have a feeling alcohol was also involved.

This brings back a morning when my son was coming home after a night out. All doors and windows were locked, except one low window to my bedroom. When I heard him attempting to open the doors, I sat on my bed and waited. Soon, he came to my bedroom window and gently opened it. He had just brought his torso over the frame when he looked up and saw me sitting there watching him.
"Good morning, son!" I said. The look on his face was priceless.
One of the best moments in parenthood.

You can't fool Mom, so don't even try.

Why is it always guys wearing their hats backwards?

IQ 40


Because anyone over 12 who wears his hat on backwards is infantile..

My aunt climbed on up on to a low roof, used a log to break a window and was still caught by my grandfather. Stealth is not easy.

Hi Dragon,

Very impressive. I mean, your aunt is close to 80, and your grandfather is over 100, right?

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