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June 27, 2019


You will not find it here.


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as God is my witness I thought robo-call people could fly.

Mr. Heckman certainly has my vote.

A Barry/Heckman ticket could gain some traction.

Someday we'll have someone named Bear running for President and I hope he or she picks someone named Balls to round out the ticket.

Perfect article, Dave!

I'd like to know more about the Heckman platform. Where does he stand on important issues, like reducing methane in Washington D.C., and the immigration of Canadians? And what about capital punishment for people who don't pick up dog poo?

Well, reading the article certainly made my day. I was a little disappointed when no mention was made of of Hassan Rouhani, who called Trump retarded who in turn called Hassan Rouhani ignorant. Either man who annihilate any robo-caller who set redial finger in their air space. My wife printed out a list of the more insistent robo-call numbers in our area and handed to me yesterday. She was all set on Mondale, but Andrew Yang is looking at lot like a young, ignorant FDR.

But what about your pal, Vermin, Dave?

Be sure to trademark "Harvey Heckman for President 2020" so you can sell the bumper stickers instead of someone who is less responsible. Let's be honest, pretty much all of us with the possible exceptions of Nurse Cindy and Sue are less responsible.

Jeff Myerson: Vermin Supreme is running as a Libertarian this time.

DAVE BARRY FOR PRESIDENT! Dave if you win I would be happy to be Secretary of anything.

I nominate Cindy for Secretary of Secretaries.

NC - If elected, please consider hiring an Assistant to the Secretary of Secretaries.
I'm available
And I can"work" from home.

Too bad Yin isn't running. The we could have the Yin Yang ticket. We need to replace the Electoral College with Facebook Likes or Cub Scouts counting how many hands were held up for each exciting candidate. Great column. Enjoyed seeing Dave's high school yearbook photo.

Hey, if Vermin Supreme is still giving out ponies to all, it will be hard to vote for someone else. Just sayin'.

The old witch with a glass eye who we call The Oracle of Geezer Acres predicts the winning presidential candidate will have to bring back the Smoot-Hawley Tariff to get elected.
Most of us agree Vermin Supreme is the best and sanest candidate. Now if he'll just endorse the Smoot-Hawley Tariff.

The all-knowing Google tells me there is a Harvey Heckman, age 88, living in Allentown PA. I strongly endorse this man for President on that basis alone.

Heckman: I'm with you!
Let's see if Gene Hackman will join the ticket.

Campaign slogan: Heckman? Heck yea!

Marianne Williamson’s healthcare plan will cover aromatherapy and psychic surgery.

I'll support Gene Hackman as VP, but only if he's in his character from "Young Frankenstein".


Free Weiner mobile rides to the polls!!!!
Raise the Voting Age to 71, Give Boomers a last chance.

Dave, I am shocked and disappointed that you have not thrown your support behind the ticket of Hickenlooper and Harpootlian.

Did Williamson have a license to sell Goop in the lobby?

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