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June 11, 2019


Florida man claimed cocaine on his nose ‘was not his,’ deputies say

(Thanks to man Tom, Le Petomane, Barry Nester, pharmaross and Jeff Meyerson)


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As I said when I sent that yesterday, he also denied that it was his nose.

If it wasn't his, wouldn't that mean he stole it? So now they can also charge him with theft.

"Have you reached a verdict?"

"Who nose who's it is?"

Florida Man just has a nose for trouble.

Apparently the answer is blowing in the wind.

Let me just powder my nose, officer.
I need to visit the powder room.
Take a powder, kid. Beat it.

"Hi, Larry. It's Phil in Marketing. I just got an idea for our newest Puffs tissues additive. Yeah, it's gonna blow the Aloe and Lotion guys outta the water. The only catch is that they're gonna cost $1000.00 a box."

I fell on it.

But did he inhale?

Now his nose is gonna grow.

- Rudolph- Not grow as much swell, turn purple and fall off.

"Just follow your nose! It always knows!"

"Grandma .. what a big nose you have!"

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