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June 14, 2019


Public punching bags placed across New York to help people who are stressed out

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w)


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Yeah, that's going to work. Maybe if you put Trump and de Blasio's faces on them.

I live in a small town with one main highway that is always backed up. I'd rather have a giant claw on the front of my car. That way when a moron cuts in front of me on the highway and decides the proper speed limit is 25 mph, I could activate the claw which would pick up their car and deposit them safely on the side of the road.

Nursecindy needs a drink. Break out the "24" reruns this weekend !

"Use at your own risk." Why? Are they going to hit back?

What you don't see in the picture is the vending machine dispensing hand sanitizer.


Remember when they tried to change from miles to kilometer and people just shot up the signs?

Our mayor just proposed a way to stop people shooting at each other; public boxing rings.

When I was in Junior High, our Assistant Principle used to take Boys who were fighting to the gym and make them put on 16 Oz. gloves, head gear and mouth protectors and then fight 3, 3 minute rounds.
And then shake hands at the end.

In Texas those public punching bags would be used for target practice.

In New Mexico, those punching bags could soon be bought in most pawn shops at a good price.

Isn't this what tourists are for?

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