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June 09, 2019


By fashioning a jar of cheese puffs on top of a leaf blower with an extended tube that serves as a barrel, he was able to build a functional gun.

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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Make sure to buy a gas powered blower at a garage sale with cash and don’t leave fingerprints

I want that, since I just found out that shooting people with an actual gun is apparently illegal in some parts of the country. Stay off my lawn!!!

Admit it.....better than flying cars, amirite?

OK, I want one!

First item for Dave's holiday gift guide, 2019?

I so need one of these! My cat would have a grand time....

"In breaking news, a local man was murdered today, and police say the murder weapon was a Cheeto gun. Police arrested a man near the scene who had cheese powder residue on his fingers."

CSI: Cheese Puffs

I guess you might say...the perp was up to...NO GOUDA!!

(rips off sunglasses)


Shoddy journalism. “Gatling” guns have multiple barrels that rotate and feed off a common source of ammunition. This awesome piece of weaponry has only one barrel and a selective feed mechanism. I can foresee some quality time in the workshop. Can anyone tell me what aisle the cheese puffs occupy at Costco?

The Cheeto gun owner could be charged for assault with a delicious weapon.

I am apparently wasting my life...

(in best Dirty Harry voice)
"You gotta ask yourself one question, punk:
Are you lactose-intolerant? Say 'CHEESE'!"

^5 Stixnstonz

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