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June 12, 2019


Kraft Introduces 'Salad Frosting' To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables

(Thanks to Rudolph)


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Why not chocolate syrup? Anything is better than ranch dressing (IMHO), which is gross.

How about
"Eat your vegetables or no dessert."
Just sayin"

Another product that will go into history along with New Coke and the Edsel.

How long do you figure it'll take the kids to figure out that it doesn't really make the vegetables taste any better?

I set the over-under at three seconds.

My mom used to tell me if I didn't eat my green beans I'd never have children. I now have three kids who take turns driving me crazy. Thanks Mom.

Make the frosting out of vegetables. It's the only way.

What kind of (not) wine do you serve with salad frosting?

Proper wine parings would either include a dry MD 2020 or perhaps an early spril Ripple.

A friend of mine drank 5 bottles of ripple one night.
He me the Ripple monster and God. It truns out God's first name is Carl.

Or perhaps something from the Farms of Boone's?

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