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June 26, 2019


Do You Live In The City With The Nation’s Worst Drivers?

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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New Yorkers are laughing today. Obviously, whoever put this list together never drove the Cross Bronx Expressway (sic).

Having driven Baltimore's I-695, this tracks.

I'll take the traffic here in Flathead County where a traffic jam happens when two cars come to a four-way stop at the same time.

Having lived in Providence some years ago (four winters worth, which was four too many), I can attest to the validity of Providence and all the Massachusetts locations on this list. How Boston isn't #1 is beyond me. They're not just bad, they're vehicularly homicidal.

Years ago my auto insurance company offered "Safe Drive Discounts" which involved placing a monitor the cars' Service Port. I was living in Baltimore County And usually only drove I95. BUT after I plugged in the monitor My boss Sent me down to Washington DC to help updating one of our customers offices, which was located in the center of the city. Due to major screw-ups, I ended up driving to DC and back for five DAYS on 495-the worlds largest parking lot and I95 south -expect constant and rolling backups and shut downs. Then there's 295 the unofficial brake testing site.
Well I didn't get the discount.
And my boss complained about the parking receipts ($25.00 for all day)
MY advice; KEEP AWAY!

Sorry for the long post.

I wonder if they'll still do this list after we all go to driverless cars ? Maybe instead of the worst cities for driving, it'll be the worst app to drive with.

Boston should be #1. Whenever we've been there we stay out of town and just drive to the end of the nearest T and leave the car there.

Boston just lost their #1 worst rating last year, and not by much.

My town in a state that cannot be named beat out neighboring communities. The driving is pretty safe, but the gunfire gets a little tiring.

AT least you don't have semi’s tailgating you at 75 mph like they do here in unnamed city that rhymes with Palace.

I live only a couple of hours from 4 of the top 8 most dangerous cities, aren't I lucky???

Mikey, I'm between you and the Town of the Cow, and trust me, we have nothing around here to compare to the Boston experience.

I will say this, though...the Boston-Providence corridor must be the best place in America to run a body shop. Down here road rage is enacted with guns and such. Up there, they use the cars themselves.

Mikey, so true. A friend of mine was in a Rav4 at the time and was pushed onto the front bumper of one of those things. Driver could not see her over his hood nor hear her tiny horn as she beeped. She had to call 911 and tell them where she was being pushed. Police car was able to get the trucker to stop and boy, was he surprised.


Driving down the Toll road north, I had old folks in walkers passing me.

If you aren’t going 80 mph you get run over, then you come to a sudden screeching halt on a fly-over with a curve in Plano, DUH guess where the accidents are.

Oh and yes we dont give people the “finger,”we give them the GLOCK.

I had a rear window shot out in the safest community in my state. The replacement was less than the deductible on the minivan.

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