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June 03, 2019


Louisiana principal resigns after being arrested at strip club while on school field trip

(Thanks to Janice Gelb and John Lobert)


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Come on, the guy was on vacation for crying out loud!

In a Bloom County plotline, Steve Dallas took a school class to a bar to study the "human condition."

He had a thing for the Biology teacher appearing there on M/W/F. Note: She also taught dance.

It could be that the purpose of his life is to serve as a warning to others. (Despair.com)

Parents should have been suspicious when they were asked to pay for the trip in ones.

Louisiana principals get field trips to strip clubs...? Are they taking applications ?

He’s from Baton Rouge, which might as well be Arkansas. Here in New Orleans, we expect our school principals to be drunk, lewd, and obnoxious. In other words, a role model.

Of course, college is "more advanced"...once upon a time, the Texas A&M football team's reward for beating the University of Texas was an all-expense-paid trip to the La Grange Chicken Ranch. Yep, the Best Little Whorehouse....

Didn't I used to work for that principal, except in Fort Worth?

Is it unusual for service dogs to accompany middle-aged guys to strip clubs? (Add your own trouser-schnauzer jokes here)

He was teaching meteorology, and wanted to show the kids "how to make it rain."

still LOLing at Rudolph.

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