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June 11, 2019


Inside Mike Tyson's pot empire - from 'premium cannabis' to plans for a 420-acre marijuana holiday resort in the California desert with a 'weed university' and music festival venue

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and Kevin Smith)


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So Iron Mike is now a pot-prepreneur? Cool.

So Joe Frazier visits Mike's place...

"Up goes Frazier."

"Up goes Frazier."

"Up goes Frazier!"

If you visit his resort I hear you get an earful.

Weed University. Aren't they all?

Remember the Good Old Days when a person could score some weed, take a trip and never leave the farm?

Who gets to tell him he can't do this?

This explains so much.

Shoot. I quit smoking pot in 1983 because it stopped being fun and was getting in the way of what I wanted to do in life. I've never gone back. Not one puff.

But damn! I wanna go to Mike's resort!

Sounds like a place for dopes...

What can possibly go wrong?

I know exactly where this location is, having been to Desert Hot Springs many times to visit family there. It's sort of the "armpit" of Palm Springs, best known for decent Mexican food, poverty, drugs, and expensive rehab centers in many of the nearby canyons. This article also neglected to mention that DHS can reach summer highs of 112 or mo43, with lows in the high 70's.

As for "Tyson University": Remember that Iron Mike failed his GED three times while he was in prison.

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