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June 10, 2019


"I discovered yesterday that when my husband got thrush in his nether regions due to being on anitbiotics. He asked his mother to take a look at it for him to see what she thought it might be. He's 34 years old and still showing his bits to his mum.”

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Showing Mum My Bits opened for TLC.

Even bigger coincidence, I saw Nether Thrush open for Mothers of Invention.

Dear Preplexed in England,
Buy him a large container of plain yogurt, tell him where to put it, and then find a good divorce lawyer. Mum's little boy is never going to grow up.

The first sentence is not a sentence. Fake news.

Are nether regions the same thing as The Netherlands?

padraig, I believe Bananarama and Musique were on that tour.

The key phrase is 'bits'

Maybe it came up in casual conversation, while she was nursing him.

He might have a face only a mother could love.

How did a thrush get in his nether regions in the first place? Normally, they are rather reclusive songbirds.

Le Pet - I believe they migrate South.

@Stixnstonz--Are we referring to the English thrush or the African thrush?

This was her first clue?

was this eric or donald jr.?

Thrushed with enthusiasm?

He needs to start playing poker, stat. I've heard that a straight can beat a thrush....

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