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June 25, 2019


Kangaroo reportedly seen hopping across Interstate 41 walking bridge

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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This might be one of those times that checking the caller for possessions of 'shrooms would be prudent

Ya kenna HOP on a WALKING bridge! Yer defyin' all the laws o'PHYSICS!

Undoubtedly on his way to the 2019 spring squirrel conference.

PED X-ING sign needs to be more inclusive.

Possibly, the person who saw the kangaroo on a walking bridge was hopped up?

Perhaps it was a wandering wallaby on walkabout? Wisconsin folks are not great on drive-by macropod identification.

Paging Danny & the Juniors.

The owner rues the day they didn't tie their kangaroo down.

"But if officers had found a kangaroo, they would have tried to contain the animal"

Containment by bullet, probably.

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