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June 15, 2019


Red Oak Police searching for package thief who was carrying a duck

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Why a duck?

--Chico Marx


"I was chasing my duck and found him under this package."

"Sounds like a well thought plan to steal that package."

"Yeah, my dog gave me the idea, but wanted no part in it."

Was the duck a CI? Was it wired?

The perp was just planning ahead. Any thief caught with a duck under his arm has an insanity plea in the bank.

Why can't they just put the package on the duck's bill?

Maybe he was a safe quacker.

The duck was the wing man.

That is one dude who's gonna have a big quack up.

Police insiders know that a 10-73 is code for "Loon with a duck."

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