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June 05, 2019


It's Swishy Pants Season

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Whenever I see Pete Davidson, I think: this guy should not be allowed outside without a keeper.

"can stand up to a stiff breeze"

Any dude dressed like this would never make it out of a Texas roadhouse looking like he did when he came in.

In my eye, anything would be better than skinny jeans, except for daisy dukes perhaps, on men anyway (NTTAWWT).

At least they're pulled up.

Oxymoron du jour: “male fashion”

I dunno, Rudolph: I can see the waistband of his Calvin Klein boxers.

Apparently, it's also Wear Two Different Shoes Season and
I'm a Hipster and You're Not - Neener Season.

I always thought that the worse thing that could happen on this site was to click on the link and go to a photo of Barry Manilow.

I stand corrected

Can I wear my puffy shirt with swishy pants?

I think it's always "I'm a hipster and you're not neener" season. That's why I never know what's going on...

elasticated Gracie?

Can't these guys just hang a sign around their necks saying "Fashion Victim"?

George Costanza's swooshy suit...


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