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June 27, 2019


A substitute teacher was fired after she allegedly filmed pornography inside a classroom at a high school in Texas, officials said.

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says "The TV news clip actually said 'THIS JUST IN.")


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Uh, maybe I'm stupid here but I don't get the story. She was alone, she was fully dressed, and the door was closed? How do they know she filmed porn? Did she film herself?



We're gonna need to see the evidence.

In a place like El Campo, a wink is probably considered porn.

Maybe "substitute teacher" the new lingo for a sexbot. I'm sure we're all just hopelessly behind the times... as I look for my seat toward the back of the geezer bus.

The teacher was likely just preparing her class on sex ed.

As an ex-teacher the important thing is she had to have a lesson plan. And maintain discipline. Even if it takes a whip !

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