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June 26, 2019


MMA Fighter Penalized For Kicking Opponent In The Butthole Area

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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It's tough to get sparring partners with which to practice that move.

Better known as the "Red Forman."

"Hey, throw me a towel. I need to wipe off my toe."

This would have been more interesting if the guy doing the kicking had only one leg.

(Ok, Ok, but this bad joke hasn't been aired for a while.)

I wish I had a dollar for every gooch injury I saw in the ER.

Reason #62 why I don't watch MMA.

I thought Washington was "The Butthole Area".

Thank you...

I believe this is what Dave referred to as the "behindular zone."

During the entire three days of peace, love and rock 'n' roll called The Woodstock Music Festival as well as including the near 50 years that have passed not a single incident of someone taking a toe to the butthole area has ever been reported until now.

Guess that gives new meaning to the phrase “I’m going to kick your a—“

There's that planet again.

There's a bar that keeps some old footballs with "Uranus" written on them. When someone gets out of line the bartender tosses them a football and tells them to get their Uranus out of there before somebody kicks it.

Frank, so what's the football budget for that place like?

Have to ask....how can you tell which area is the "butthole area"?

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