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June 15, 2019


Nigeria zoo probes reports of cash-eating gorilla

(Thanks to Howard from Broward)

We saw Cash-Eating Gorilla open for the Cowsills.


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Just ask for the money back. Politely, of course. Very politely.

When in doubt always blame the monkey.

What's the problem here? They'll get it back eventually...

I predict the latest Nigerian email scam will use this in their subject line.

The next GoFundMe project?

Can they get an alien to probe the gorilla?

SOoner or later, the gorilla will have to make a deposit.

The gorilla wants to send the money out of the country and has offered to split it with me if I provide him with my bank account number and routing number. However, I have a better offer from a Nigerian princess.

This appears to be a variation of the old, "The dog ate my homework scam."

Watch for any change in his bowel movements.

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