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June 14, 2019


Video Of A Tank Running Over A Car At Full Speed

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Drivers ED lesson 01

I definitely need one of these for my morning commute.

The Russian DIY version.

Great, but as soon as I clicked on the Play button, it shut down my Internet connection, as anything I click on in this blog usually does. Weird.

As someone who went through Driver's Ed on an active military base overseas, this is indeed the sort of thing they made us watch quite a few videos of... though there was usually less giggling and more screaming. o.O

Same thing happens when you get between a politician and a dollar bill.

While I was stationed in Germany, this sort of thing (tanks running over cars) happened far too often. Thing was, it was never staged. :-(
It was slow German drivers in small cars getting in the way of US/UK tanks. :-(

(I couldn't connect to the link so I'm assuming this was a staged stunt. I hope.)

Ron G - I suspect you turned into a pretty safe driver having had driver's ed in Germany!

Bilwick - I'd tell you why that happens, but I'm sworn to secrecy. And these people are serious. :-(

Pshaw. That's nothing compared to the San Diego Tank Rampage.

Can I donate my first car to the US Army on the condition that they do this to it and send me the video?

Tanks for the memories.

Tread lightly?

Sorry, I am getting off-track here.

Volkswagen had an unfortunate slogan praising its new model's mileage - "Berlin to Warsaw on one tank". Polish people did not appreciated this.

That was a Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear spoof TV ad, not a real VW ad.

A Florida driver's license....

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