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May 21, 2019


Making your kids go vegan can mean jail time in Belgium

(Thanks to John Gregg, who says “I’m not sure why they took the death penalty off of the table.”)


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@John Gregg--I believe being a vegan is still on the books as a hanging offense in Texas.

Texan'a know good food and serving innocent children barbecued kale and broccoli should qualify for capital punishment.

You do *not* want to get between a Belgian and their moules (mussels) and frites twice-fried in ox fat! Oh, and waffles, which require butter and eggs.

LePet, when my son was a toddler, he didn't like meat. I thought, how can a kid born in Cowtown not like meat? Fortunately, he grew out of it. As a young adult, he won't put up with fellow millenials and their shaming ways. He's as convinced as anybody of the wonderfulness of a big hunk of dead cow cooked with fire.

They are called Vegans because most of them look like they come from another planet.

I’m vegan when it comes to beer.

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