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May 21, 2019


Miami’s flying car port is almost finished. And the flying cars are not far behind

(Thanks to man tom and pharmaross)


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Chaos and destruction! Now in 3D!!

Is it just me, or is combining the phrase "Surface to Air" and "Miami" seem like a really bad idea. Like worse than people issuing traffic tickets to neighbors

Do they have a small port for flying pigs?

Huh ? Is this another Popular Science sucker punch ?

I am missing something, or do you actually need at least two landing spots for a flying car to be useful?

Will the "Little Brothers" get official t-shirts? Brown would be a good color.

Let's see, all you need to be is a multi-jillionaire drug dealer with your own high-rise dedicated heliport so your sweetie can fly in from the airport. Miami seems like a reasonable locale.

Here in Flathead County the only flyin' cars we see is when one comes shooting off that curve on the Interstate. Cars ain't aerodynamic. Mostly these cars crash through Clyde's barn doors. Guess the flatlanders think that's a flyin' car port. This Idea needs improvement.

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