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May 29, 2019


Woman attacks Burger King manager after being denied free fries

(Thanks to pharmaross and B’game)


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"Where's my damn free fries, b!tch? Isn't this Wear a Bad Wig, Get Free Fries Day?"

Natasha Ethel Bagley .. you can't make up a name like that.

Seriously, they go through the drive-thru to demand free fries, then enter the store and one of them jumps the counter to just help themselves. One wonders what such deviants would do for a burger or ketchup.

Natasha Ethel Bagley ==>
A healthy lasagne bet
Enable a ghastly hate
Banshee hag eat tally

Whoa! This gal looks like the unmasked Darth Vader in "Return of the Jedi".

If that woman came after me, she could have the whole damn store. Her looks alone would cause Superman to run away.

"We've decided we don't want you around the station any more. Here's your crack and your pipe, you are free to go."

I'm with Le Petomane on this one. She could have whatever she wanted. No questions asked.

Prince Valiant has really let himself go.

Guess I didn't read the article carefully enough. Which role did she play in "Spamalot?"

I hear they’re serving fries tonight at Miami-Dade lockup. Dreams really can come true.

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