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May 30, 2019


'Unexploded device' on River Thames in London turns out to be Christmas decoration

(Thanks to pharmaross and Le Petomane)


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It could have been a fruitcake. (Not one of nursecindy's, of course.) Better safe than sorry.

Some people reported seeing a suspicious fat man wearing a red suit in the vicinity.

Thank you wanderer. My fruitcakes are very good.

Geez, how big are the Christmas decorations over in Blighty? How could anyone mistake a two-inch ornament for a mine? I guess they're lucky it wasn't a Baby Ruth bar -- they would have had to empty the entire river.

That's all I want for UXmas.

Until the Oregon DOT showed up.

Well, the Brits do love their Christmas crackers, and those are technically unexploded devices, at least initially.

My grand pappy always said that dynamite was perfectly safe until it blew up. I guess this would still apply to unexploded whatevers.

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