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May 24, 2019


Jellied moose nose cannot be found in restaurants.

(Thanks to Chris Johnson)


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I saw Jellied Moose Nose open for Bachman-Turner Overdrive back in '74...

Thank goodness!!!

Possession or consumption of jellied moose nose is a hanging offense in Texas.

could make head cheese:

Darn, Death Row Doc beat me to it.

Cooked in its own snot?

I bet you could sell this as an exotic delicacy in Japan.

Make sure your moosemonger has a good selection: you want to pick a good nose!

And take special care when cooking it: you won't want to blow it!

"...be sure to wash the nose thoroughly before cooking."



Its Boris Badinov's favorite food.

Reminds me of a joke that starts out: " My moose has no nose. " I think you know the rest.

Don't look at me that way, Bullwinkle.

If you dry jellied moose nose, you can make it into a powder, mix it with other substances and snort it. Or at least this is what a fiend told me.

It's a seasonal dish and Haggais is currently on the menu

Obligatory "a moose once bit my sister."

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