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May 24, 2019


Cow Squirts Projectile Poop On Farmer: ‘I Didn’t Even Stand A Chance’

(Thanks to Ralph and pharmaross)


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At least he can say he knows his....

Kind of like subscribing to cheeto's twitter feed.....

I believe Hole opened for Fusillade of Feces at Burning Man. There weren't enough Kybos.

The cow thought the farmer looked overheated so she covered him with a nice cooling protective coating of cow dung.

Apparently this is common in India.

I watched the video. The first thing the guy does is take out his cell phone ..? That's where the last frame freezes.

And most of the other films at Cannes weren't much better.

Time for this oldie-but-a-goodie:

The circus comes to town, so the local paper sends a reporter to interview some circus folk. As the tent's being set up, the reporter approaches one of the men and introduces himself.

"...and what do you do at the circus?"

"Well, my job is to look after the elephants. And they get constipated pretty often. So I put a long rubber glove on my arm, and climb up on a ladder behind the elephant, and reach waaaaaay up in there and stir around a little, you know, to loosen everything. But sometimes it works too well and I get drenched in a big shower of poo before I have time to get out of the way."

"Ugh, that's awful! I'd be looking for a new line of work if I were you."

"What, and leave show business?"

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