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May 31, 2019


Texas Legislature Accidentally Repeals Plumbing Code

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Hey, just call us the land of opportunity. Nothing to get in the way of your lucrative career as a plumber. You, too, can spend your days knee-deep in....

Does this mean we can now buy regular-flow toilets in Texas?

I can see Texas also has things happen semi-accidentally. Like when the mayor got shot semi-accidentally that time. But one question: What exactly is the code for plumbing?

So sh-- no longer goes downhill and payday isn't on Friday anymore?

Frank, it's 8392775868464.

Really crappy situation.

Because this is a group that knows these things, I have a question:

Is it a hanging offence in Texas to have a Plumbing Code or to "accidentally" repeal a Plumbing Code?

(I'm asking for a friend. Yes, I need new friends.)

After they accidentally cancel the medical board, I’m becoming a doctor.

Pete, it's a hanging offense in Texas to serve in a legislative office and do something that actually makes sense and aids the public in some meaningful way.

The Texas Legislature is sort of a combination of blood sport and sitcom.

Before you start plumbing, check out the ins and outs here:


Now the entire Lone Star State can play Texas Hold’em.

How does this affect the outhouses?

Burt, you're free to do your own outhouse. I know this because when I was a kid and the folks were building a lake cabin, there was no electricity to pump water. So...one posthole digger and a little leftover lumber later, and presto! Do-it-yourself outhouse. Come to think of it, is there any other kind?

In New Mexico and some other states during the great Depression, the WPA would build outhouses.
They were well constructed of concrete and wood, always with a quarter-moon cut in the door. Back in those days if someone asked for your plumbing license the answer would have been: "Plumbing license? We don't need no stinkin' plumbing license."

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