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May 28, 2019


Women 'shouldn't bother getting married as they'll be happier without a husband'

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Please don't tell Mrs. wanderer.

At the latest count, Professor Dolan and the London School of Economics, have over a thousand lawsuits filed against them for promoting fraudulent information.
All of the suits are from divorce lawyers.

I don't know about this. There are some good things about marriage. Like the quiet times at night when you're reading a book and he's reading the newspaper. Of course it's quiet because you just had a major fight over whether or not Gilligan ever got off the island and he's rattling his stupid newspaper again just in case some of the words are crooked on the page and need to be straightened up.
You know, they may be onto something about not getting married.

I'm an ordinary man

Having never married, I always appreciate when this kind of statement is made in general terms and mention of me specifically is avoided.

Well, Higgins, since you were married 6 times, you ought to know.

Only if they don't get pregnant...

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