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May 13, 2019


We had a great time in Minneapolis even though the average temperature was 400 degrees below Pluto (although T-shirt-wearing local people kept telling me it was "warm for May"). The audience at our show was great and kept demanding encores even after we ran out of songs. Some audience members also hurled thongs onto the stage, although we later learned they had been purchased by our manager, Ted Habte-Gabr.

Anyway, it was fun. Here's a photo of Steve King, Janine (Mrs. Mitch Albom) Sabino and Ridley Pearson enjoying a saxophone solo by Erasmo Paolo.


And here's the band doing our tribute to Prince, with Ridley in a purple fedora singing lead. That's me next to him in a really stupid-looking (at least on me) hat. We played in Prince's old club, First Avenue, which was very cool.


Here's Amy Tan performing "Leader of the Pack," with her husband, Lou DeMattei, playing the role of the badass motorycle-gang leader, although he is in fact a mild-mannered tax attorney.



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Stephen King is either seriously rocking out or passing a kidney stone.

"Mild-mannered tax attorney" was Underdog's alternate secret identity.

I firmly believe the RBR's performance would have brought tears to Prince's eyes. You all look great!

Rumors are spreading bar chords were involved.

It seems, Dave, that you have learned Lucy’s lessons well!

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