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May 10, 2019


The Rock Bottom Remainders perform tonight at famed Minneapolis club First Avenue. We prepared by sitting around a hotel room all facing the same direction.


Last night Ridley Pearson and I worked on channeling Prince.



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I hope Shiela E. is available to play drums for you all. She'll carry the song, regardless of what the rest of you are up to.

No raspberry berets?

Have a good one.

Prince Charles? Prince Spaghetti? Or Prince Buster?

Mardi Gras Surplus Store?

When's the St. Paul show ?

First attempt at photo:
Dave: "We'd like to prepare by sitting around a hotel room all facing the same direction."
Photographer: "Human Centipede it is, then!"


(Attempts to flick virtual lighter on iPhone, discovers the battery is dead, and so retreats to the lobby for a $8 cup of Diet Coke, which he drinks in quiet shame)

I see your strategy. If enough of you are on stage playing at once, someone is bound to accidentally play the right notes.

I love your purple hat Dave. See all those years ago when you said it was your last show I knew that it really wasn't and thus here you are yet another show. Make Michigan a stop some time.

Sorry to see the once sane Steve has descended into the slough of Trump Derangement Syndrome. That geezer look he's rocking will not save him.

Playing dress-up is everyone's idea of trashing a hotel room?

They're geezers now and they are all exactly one drink and one bong hit behind.

Cows face in the same direction when grazing.
But they don't play guitar.

Mall of Hamerica? Smell of America? Hall of Lamerica?

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