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May 31, 2019


Groom shot after confronting brother-in-law for bringing dog to wedding, not painting 'just married' on truck

(Thanks to pharmaross and Rod Nunley)


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He looks contrite.

Welcome to the family.

The ceremony was accompanied by banjo music.

The holidays will be fun.

Paging these guys.

Totally justified if the dog was not wearing a suit.

Thanksgiving at the In Laws is going to be a laugh riot.

So this is what they mean by "Shotgun Wedding". I always wondered what that meant.

How many branches does this family tree have?

For the record: I am NOT related to any of these people.

Not exactly a Cinderella wedding for the bride when her honeymoon coach is a pick-em- up truck.

I can testify that nursecindy is NOT a resident of Rowan County.

Amazingly the wedding reception was not held at CEC (Charles E. Cheese's)

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