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May 14, 2019


World's biggest brothel throws down challenge to sex robots: 'They can't compete'

(Thanks to Rod Nunley and Mark Schlesinger, who says "It’s like John Henry vs. the steam drill, only with orgasms.")


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I see a new twist to the "Bachelor". Robotesses will be in the mix.

If these gears are grinding, don't come here finding.

Please don't let the Olympic Committee hear about this.

"Robots...can't match the level of connection and intimacy clients are looking for..."

They do, however, offer "Pay-at-the-pump" convenience.

Gort would like to offer a rebuttal to "robots can't compete."

They can't complete, either.

I'm not sure the manual correctly explains what to do in case of a "short."

Klaatu Barada Nikto.
WD-40 is extra

We all know what to do.

“And the robot only did nine, Lord Lord
The robot only did nine.”

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