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May 22, 2019


ISU researchers teaming with Washie the Cleaner Toilet Seat to test new product

(Thanks to Craig Roberts and Woozy Barnes)


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This is great. Pot--uh-Idaho University invents a battery powered toilet seat that works as good as spray disinfectant and paper towels.

Guys, we're still waiting on those flying cars you promised.

That's a perky looking crew of nerds in ties.

I read the article and, I gotta admit, they worked really hard to pitch and sell that research project and make the school proud.

"Teaming" or "teeming"?

Don't ask what their grade school science fair projects were.

Mr. Hankey is jealous.

That was the most disappointingly deadpan article about a toilet seat I've ever read. They did drop the word "load" in there, but failed to polish it into something funny.

How about a toilet that screams whenever it sees a rat or a snake ?

I wonder if these guys can connect with these You gotta have heart

My toilet bowl sometimes requires a power grinder and some sandblasting to get is clean. I don't think an "eco-friendly cleanser" will suffice.

What's that brown stuff on the toilet seat in the picture?

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