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May 16, 2019


Burger King To Deliver Whoppers To LA Drivers Stuck In Traffic

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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Late night TV lawyers, I can hear them now.

"Have you been seriously injured when ordering a Whopper while stuck in traffic...our team of chiseler experts can get you compensation right away?"

CALL 1-800-shyster today to speak with a professional with little to no conscience.

Great. Food fight replaces road rage.

What if traffic starts moving before you get your Whopper? I can see some dude on a motorcycle chasing a car through freeway traffic yelling,"I got your burger man."

He'll be following the guy selling joints.

Because nothing will unjam you faster than a gut bomb.

"This burger prepared by Sam & Ella"

So the motorcyclists are going to weave around all the cars illegally to deliver burgers? I think the cops have a gold mine in ticket writing here.

Does it come with a side of Kybo?

@Rod, California is the only state that allows "lane splitting" by motorcyclists, and it's even illegal for motorists in cars and trucks to interfere by blocking the space between lanes. Just wait 'til Florida picks up on this one.

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