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May 29, 2019


Naked woman allegedly gropes trooper after driving backwards on I-90

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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She was probably backing her way toward her home in Flathead County.

Count the red flags; I got 15. Notice the article didn't say where she was from, so indeed Flathead County remains in play.

"When you explained to Trooper Plucker you had not run, but you had been chasing him what happened next?"

"I attempted to pull his gun, his make-shift smoking device fell out of his waistband onto the driver's side floorboard under my feet, I calmly attempted to place Plucker under arrest, then I found myself naked unable to get any further cooperation, or compliance for that matter, out of Plucker who's name incidentally rhymes with (expletive) er."

Trooper gropers are the lowest of the low.

Did I miss the "May is do something stupid naked month" announcement?

"I was chasing. You."

If I'm Trooper Plunker, I'm transferring a nice long ways away...like Fiji.

Being naked, driving backwards and groping state troopers isn't illegal in Flathead County as far as I know

In Flathead County that whole sequence is known as "playing hard-to-get".

How 'bout them trooper gropers,
Ain't they a chunk?
Grabbin' them troopers,
And gropin' they junk!

Apologies to Mason Williams

Officer Plucker, you're really a square;
This girl don't need a judge, she needs an analyst's care!
It's just her neurosis that oughta be curbed.
She's psychologically disturbed!

That’s the kind of girl he’ll want to take home to Mother Plucker.

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That's really ridiculous, whats so thrilling doing such a thing this could maybe she's hiding the real truth.

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