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May 14, 2019


Florida man reportedly tells cops he thought playing basketball naked would ‘enhance his skill level’

(Thanks to John Lobert, Matt Filar, pharmaross and Kevin Meerschaert, who says "Just because this happened in Longwood is no reason for a cheap joke.")


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Must have been getting his hopes up for the NBA draft lottery tonight.

Taking "Skins vs. Shirts" a little too far.

Probably enhances some level or other. Opinions may differ.

"You've been charged with indecent exposure of your sexual organs."

"It was a Rawlings and it was in decent shape."

If he's dribbling, shouldn't he see a doctor?

He's 29? He looks - and is acting - about 15.

Bare Jordan.

He must have missed that memorable day in 9th grade gym class when the male PE teacher uncomfortably spoke to the class - "Some of you guys need to start wearing a jock strap." Then he looked at Milton (not his real name) and said - "Milton, you need one."

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