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May 14, 2019


Florida man says he would rather 'go to jail' than to his wife as he gets caught driving on sunroof

(Thanks to man Tom, John Lobert and Ralph)


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I'm guessing his wife got her wish too.

Page 36, CA Driver's Handbook, praise god for the many divine uses the gigantic computer your car comes with provides. When stopped at a RR Crossing, always wait for the red flashing lights to stop flashing and the barrier arms to fully move to the upright position, especially if your are on auto pilot sitting outside with your head sticking out of the car's sunroof while experiencing divine intervention. whew.

Goin’ 90 but I ain’t scary ‘cause I got the Virgin Mary....

Florida Man after helping grandson build things with Leggos.

So wait, this kind of driving is illegal in Florida?

@Fabian - Yes, because he didn't have a gun.

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