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May 06, 2019


A torrent of penis drawings in different locations across the Virginia Tech campus last fall drew numerous bias complaints from students, leaving university administrators grappling for answers as to whether the university had been targeted by a penis-drawing bandit.

(Thanks to John Gregg)

We saw Torrent of Penis Drawings open for Whitesnake.


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Penis-Drawing Bandits were rebooked to open for the Outlaws after being cancelled from the Doors tour.

University administrators should offer a combo course entitled, Advanced Graffiti Installation, How to Stage a Revolution and How to Waste Time on the internet. The Penis graffiti installer, the terrorist, the Joker and the Thief gathered together in a single room. Solved.

Bias? How so?

I agree with the complaints. We need our torrents of offensive drawings to be non-biased.

"We" saw them open for Whitesnake also but tried to ignore their big flat drawings costumes. Like Lisa Marie, their music was forgettable and their career took a similar turn.

I thought colleges were generally proud of their endowment?

“The Bias Reporting System is biased and insults my intelligence.” Pretty much sums it up.

Calling Dick Tracy

Penis Drawing Bandit was Meatloaf's backup band

Don't knock graffiti art. Remember, Banksy has made a fortune off of it. Possibly some day people will say:

"Yes, that framed art on our wall is a genuine tracing of Virginia Tech penis graffiti. It cost a fortune, but it is the centerpiece of our collection."

Then again, possibly not.

Sheriff Andy and Barney had to deal with this in one episode. I'm can't remember
how things came out, but shortly afterward Gomer left town and joined the Marines.

How many of the complainants were wearing pussy hats?

My teacher, upon seeing these drawings, said to the class," People who draw these have very tiny penises and thus they have to draw them all over the place." There was never a drawing like that again,

"Citizen's arrest!! Citizen's arrest!!"

It sounds like a real cock-up.

It sounds like a real cock up.

Life was much simpler when I was in school. We only had the Vietnam war to be offended about.

Ha ha ha that is funny.

Insult was added to INJURY when all students named WEINER were pulled out of classes and quizzed about the graffitti.
Whereabouts of Anthony Weiner currently UNKNOWN. Would he fly down here and no...guess not.

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