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May 15, 2019


Man says wife died but he brought her on road trip anyway

(Thanks to Peggy Collins, John Lobert and Greg Snow, who says: “I knew something was up. She hasn't given me driving instructions since New Mexico.”)


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Little Miss Sunshine 2

You need two people in the car to use the HOV lanes. Nobody said they both had to be breathing

Officer- "Sir is your wife OK?"

Driver--"Yeah, she's Norwegian y'know. When she starts pining for the fjords her narcolepsy kicks in."

Officer--"But sir, you have her duct taped to the seat."

Driver--"That's for her protection, she kept falling over."

Officer--"That does it. I'm calling for backup. There ain't no fjords in Arizona!"

This might be a sweet, sentimental story. Or it might be one of complete insanity.

Rodney Puckett ==>
Pecked or nutty
Yep rotten duck
Corked nut-type
Reckon pet duty
Pretend to yuck
Yo redneck putt

"I'll have a number 4 with a vanilla creme soda and some pants and she'll have piece of that Spiced Upside-Down Apple Bundt Cake and a small coffee with a lid."

Since no one else has asked: which one is the better half?

The guy told the judge at his arraignment: "But it worked for the Joad family."

According to this updated story, he was in his underwear and she was naked and upside down in the passenger seat:


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