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May 31, 2019


Rats roam freely at this San Francisco pop-up bar

(Thanks to Jay Brandes, Mark Schlesinger and Peter Metrinko)


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Free range rats? Sort of a new age sushi?

Thing is, in San Francisco these days, the bar likely is still cleaner than the street outside it.

This bar should show a 60 minute documentary about how the Black Plague, carried and spread by rat fleas, killed millions of people during the Middle Ages.

And up in the rafters a squirrel is watching...

Soon, a new IPO will hit the markets for Willard's Bar and Grill. Perhaps you will have one open near you!

Take care someone doesn't slip you a Mickey.

It might be funny if someone brought their guide dog in. Just sayin.

@LeDud - Make it a Rat Terrier. Place'll be clear in ten minutes flat.

Do you have to tip them?

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