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May 25, 2019


Florida Bar opens investigation into Clearwater lawyer who shooed raccoon off his boat

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Typical Florida prosecutor.

I believe the redacted portion of the video showed him spanking the monkey before shooing him off the boat.

Peter Gabriel said he was shocking the monkey first.

I've noticed that Le Petomane has mentioned spanking the monkey in two different posts. Is everything okay Let Pet? Need some company or have you been watching Blazing Saddles again?
As for this guy, I'd like to shove him overboard in the middle of the ocean.

@nursecindy---Thanks for asking. I have been helping some people here in Roswell Geezer Acres develop a "Spank the Monkey" video game. We expect it to go bigger than God of War. Strangely, Blazing Saddles is the Space Aliens favorite movie after The Day The Earth Stood Still.

If it had been a rat no one would care, and frankly I don't see the difference

They opened a bar to investigate a lawyer and it's a problem? Here we'd just drink up and let the racoon take care of itself.

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