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May 22, 2019


Giant tiger sharks eat backyard birds, surprising study reveals

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Ya mean the plastic flamingos?

This has to be publicity for another 'Sharknado" movie.

At least I HOPE sharks haven't evolved into flying eating machines.

How are they getting on land? And are they delivering candygrams?

The article says they studied 'baby' tiger sharks, often 3-feet long or less.

“We brought the shark onto the boat to get ready to measure it, weigh it, tag it, and release it, and it barfed up this big [mass] of feathers. Being a scientist, of course, I scooped them all up and took them back to the lab to analyze,” says Drymon.

Ha, ha .. those scientists are so much fun!

Hears noise

Runs to window, shouting

“If you darn kids don’t stay off my lawn, I’ll...


Maybe someday they'll develop a taste for squirrel.


Don't keep one for a pet.

They must have a heckuva jump...

Was The Fonz involved in this. (Geezer bus please)

I met "The Fonz" at a car show in Des Moines a few years ago. Super nice and polite guy. I've never taken a selfie so I didn't get a photo, although I'm not sure I could have with the flip phone I had at the time. It's cool to watch him on Barry nowadays. Mikey, save me a spot on the bus.

LOL @ Seeker!

As a bird watcher I am actually not surprised. Many Passeriformes birds fly over the Gulf of Mexico during migration, pushing their reserves of energy to the limit. They can't swim or rest on water so one dip in to the water and they are shark food. Nature is rough. Don't worry the sharks are not on land, yet...

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