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May 23, 2019


IQ rates are dropping in many developed countries

Exhibit A: 56 percent of Americans don't want Arabic numerals taught in schools

(Thanks to pharmaross)



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I saw Global Intelligence Crisis at Trump's Inaugural Ball.

Should be fun seeing the backlash when their kids are taught match using Roman numerals instead.

It's got electrolytes!

Good heavens ! ( IPAD ) What could possibly ( IPAD ) be the reason for ( IPAD ) this ?

Follow-up story.

The Kardashian's: Einstein's of our time.

"But officer, I was translating my speed using Arabic numerals when my head started spinning. Can we blame Iran or some other country and be done with it?"

Wasn't this a story line on the last season of Veep?

Geico can lower your IQ by 15 percent or more.

I think most of the stories here on the blog are proof that IQ rates are dropping.

Let's see. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Faux News, etc.

The film, "Idiocracy" is not a satire, it's a documentary from the future...

Maybe I’m over thinking this. The biggest IQ booster of the 20th Century was the introduction of iodized salt. Areas with poor iodine levels in the local diet saw an average 30 point gain in IQ. The “clean” eating fad eliminates iodized salt in favor of “natural” salt in the diet. Add the Eat Local movement. Children are denied iodine in their diet during key periods in their development. This can’t be corrected later. Thus, parents are choosing to have dumber kids. Throw in the short attention span developed by our multitude of electronic devices and you get a declining IQ. We are intentionally doing this to ourselves.

Ripped from the headlines:

Danish tourist comes to New Orleans, rents a room in a fleabag motel in the ghetto, picks up hooker on Bourbon Street, gets in her car for a drive back to his cut-and-shoot motel, gets robbed by said hooker and shot in the head. I’ve been here over 20 years and have never felt threatened. This guy got himself killed on day one.

There is dumb, and then there is terminally stupid.

@HoarseWisperer on Twitter: "Apparently, V out of every X Americans would rather we used Roman numerals"

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